One of the main focal points of the Competence Center E-Commerce’s activities involves the general analysis of industry transformation processes as well as the transformation of the German healthcare system in particular. The focus is not only on the changes in the healthcare system as a whole, but also on the behavior of the individual participants in the different health care markets. New business models and specific business systems make use of the opportunities arising from changing framework conditions and thereby play an important role in the transformation process.

The transformation of the German healthcare system can currently be observed in various dimensions: There are trends towards an “industrialization” within the industry, vertical integration of service providers, the emergence of entirely new business models and service offerings (partly driven by information and communication technologies), high expectations in integrated care and disease management programs that have previously yielded rather sobering results, cost-benefit analyses and a new self-image of patients as consumers.
These are only a few of the topics that the CCEC is conducting research on at present. Moreover, changes in legal regulations, resulting from comprehensive healthcare reforms and a nationwide introduction of a uniform telematics infrastructure in the healthcare system are driving the groundbreaking changes in the industry.

Comparisons to other sectors and international markets show interesting similarities. We are monitoring this transformation process from a scientifically neutral perspective, studying its origins in political activities, recent legal decisions, increasingly quality-conscious patients as well as innovative strategies of national and international participants. Each of the participants seems to be a driver and follower in this process.

The current activities of the CCEC in this area include:

  • Continuous monitoring of the transformation process in collaboration with a network of representatives from all relevant stages of the German Healthcare sector value chain, the ”Industries-panel: Transformation of the German healthcare system“(more…)
  • Individual projects with a clear focus on detailed questions within the framework of the transformation process, e.g.: E-Health@Home – Development and economic analysis of possible business models for the improvement of care in the domestic environment by Ambient Assisted Living technologies,(more…)


  • Scientific analysis of the transformation process and making use of the experience from national and international industries that are already far advanced in the context of „industry transformation“
  • Events with students and practitioners, e.g. expert discussions, Bachelor’s degree, Master, Doctoral and project work.

The project group „Transformation of German healthcare” is coordinated from our location at the FU Berlin.