Talk: “Turning virtual experiences into real know how – Learning in VR/AR/MR from a competency perspective”

In the scope of the lecture series “Invited Talks”, Prof. Dr. Frank Schulte from the FOM in Essen gave a talk on the implementation of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality within education.

The talk “Turning virtual experiences into real know how – Learning in VR/AR/MR from a competency perspective” was part of a course for BBA students and was held in English.

The main focus of the talk was on the didactical perspective of learning with VR/AR/MR, with a special interest in the competence construct. According to Schulte, this approach is essential to the conception and evaluation.

Here you can find a video of the talk:

Workshop during the DeLFI Conference in Chemnitz

In September 2017 there was a workshop during the DeLFI Conference of the expert group E-learning of the Board of Computer Science in Chemnitz. The workshop dealt with current developments, challenges, and trends towards teaching and learning scenarios with current technologies of VR and AR.
The CCEC employee Jennifer Beckmann and Kristina Schardt, employee of the ARSuL project partner ZWH, could gain insights into the growing field of teaching and learning by means of VR and AR technologies. Apart from exciting talks on various VR and AR research projects, participants have discussed in working groups the potentials, challenges, problems, and its possible applications.
All participants agreed that these new technologies provide great opportunities. “On that day, we could collect new ideas and gain new perspectives for the ARSuL project.”, they said.



Requirements Analysis Completed

The second workshop in cooperation with apprentices, foremen, journeymen, and managers from HVAC businesses completes the assessment of the requirements. During the workshop the HVAC craftsmen could get to know the technical possibilities in the fields of e-learning as well as VR and AR, and vice versa we learned how to generate solutions from the craftsmen’ perspective using the Disney Method. At the end of the day, Prof. Edwin Naroska (Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences) and Katharina Menke (CCEC) presented some ideas of the project teams. The next step is to merge the craftsmen’ feedback as well as the generated ideas for the main fields support and training, and to transfer it into a list of requirements.

ARSul Workshop

A CCEC staff member explains the Web Based Training.

Trying out Augmented and Virtual Reality

Within ARSuL, the work of the CCEC in Soest focuses on the learning component of the project. However, to conceive the use of VR or AR in the context of learning and in particular to create a didactic concept, the technical possibilities must be known. Therefore, the CCEC employees Jenifer Beckmann and Katharina Menke visited the project partner Hochschule Niederrhein, who provided some VR and AR devices for testing. The employees experienced the possibilities and limitations of the HTC-Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Daydream, etc. They are now able to use this experience within their own concepts.

CCEC Mitarbeiter testen Augmented und Virtual RealityCCEC Mitarbeiter testen Augmented und Virtual Reality

What does a day in the life of a HVAC craftsman look like?

In order to answer this question, the partners of the ARSuL project accompanied HVAC craftsmen for a day. The CCEC in Soest was represented by Jennifer Beckmann and Katharina Menke. They watched a journeyman of the enterprise Dörschler in Remscheid at work. This was a good way to better understand the everyday working life in this industry. By observing and asking targeted questions, the CCEC employees got an impression of what HVAC craftsmen have to struggle every day. Thanks to the cooperation of the journeymen, it was a great experience and gave us important information. We would like to thank you once again!

First Joint Workshop in Cooperation with HVAC Businesses

The research project ARSuL is addressed to craftsmen of the HVAC business. It should provide them an appropriate qualification and assistance related to a specific work context. In order to achieve this objective, ARSuL intends an analysis stage in which the requirements are defined. The analysis stage started with a first workshop at Vaillant. Here we talked with employees of crafts businesses about daily work situations and possible problems. Some of our team members used the situation to have an interview with the trainer of the Vaillant-trainings on precisely this topic.
The workshop was very informative and enabled the project team approaching the target group. However, ARSuL goes one step further. In order to watch them at work, the project partners are going to accompany a HVAC craftsman for a day during mutual visits.

ARSuL Workshop

ARSul Workshop

Visiting TecByTel in Gelsenkirchen

On May 4, 2017, some employees of the CCEC visited the enterprise TecByTel in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
TecByTel, a subsidiary of Vaillant Germany GmbH & Co. KG, provides services for craftsmen and service engineers from HVAC industry. These services include among others, telephone consultations, relating composition and functionality of Vaillant products.
The CCEC employees talked to employees in the Service Center and visited the facilities.

Training at Vaillant in Dortmund

In the scope of a project on the use of VR and AR, the CCEC employees visited the company Vaillant in Dortmund on March 22, 2017.
The participation in a Vaillant training as well as visiting the TecByTel Call Center allowed us to gather valuable impressions of the support structure and training programs.
The training “Gas Condensing Technology up to 30 kW” was divided in two parts: a theoretical one in the morning and a practical training on heating devices in the afternoon.

CCEC-Mitarbeiter besichten die Heizungsanlagen

CCEC staff members inspect the heating system

CCEC-Mitarbeiter testet Messgeräte

The technical instruments were also tested