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    New and powerful information and communication technologies influence economic activities in almost all sectors of the economy, sometimes serving as a driver for fundamental change and transformation processes. These technologies bring challenges to business practices, while at the same time providing interesting experimental data for scientific analysis.

  • Platform for science & practice

    In this context, the CCEC sees itself as a platform for an interdisciplinary exchange between research and practice. Our goal is to develop economic theories with regard to the modified or new challenges that businesses face. Concurrently, we work together with our practice partners to develop analyses and create innovative concepts to concerning business issues. This connection is also evident in the context of the CCEC modules: Students are prepared for the type of tasks expected in their future positions. Moreover, potential employers value the combination of scientific and analytical thinking, pragmatic and practice-oriented problem-solving skills, together with the acquired industry-related knowledge that the graduates have gained.


At the beginning of each semester, the CCEC publishes an overview of the planned activities for the upcoming semester: the so-called CCEC Report.

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In the CCEC learning environment, we offer insights into our e-learning activities in research and teaching to all interested visitors.

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